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The project

Nightlive Vision creates perspectives for a prosperous nightlife after the pandemic.

Under the guidance of LiveKommbinat Leipzig e.V., together with the venue Noch Besser Leben and the Landesverband der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft Sachsen e.V., we want to create a sustainable, internationally meshed and competitive ecosystem for small music venues in one of the liveliest music cities in Europe.

The project will professionalise the activities of the city’s live music scene network as a blueprint for similar initiatives in other cities. The action focuses on transnational knowledge exchange for capacity building, engages policy and administrative authorities and makes visible the role of venues in the cultural and creative ecosystem.

We want to develop and implement innovative concepts to make the nightlife of the future sustainable, economical and climate-friendly while improving the ability of small music venues to act in order to meet new challenges and improve the position of music venues in the long term.

The project with a volume of 30,000 € is being implemented in the Co-operation of Small Music Venues funding of the CREATIVE EUROPE programme. The project is also receiving active support from the Office for Economic Development of the City of Leipzig.


The planned actions focus on transnational knowledge exchange, the search for sustainable ways of running venues, engage communication with political and administrative decision-makers and make the role of venues in the cultural, creative and economic spheres of influence more visible. Leipzig’s music venues are thus empowered to maintain their contribution to cultural diversity and their function as a platform for young and emerging female artists, and to promote business development in an increasingly complex environment.