first aid workshop


Over the past years, crews and staff have repeatedly been confronted with accidents/emergencies, especially when dealing with alcohol and other intoxicants, and have sometimes been overwhelmed. The increased (partly involuntary) use of knock-out drops (GBL/GHB) and needle spiking in recent months has also presented clubs and venues with new challenges. With the networking of the awareness teams (Awarenetz) of several Leipzig clubs, an important step towards saver clubbing was already taken at the end of last year.

Thanks to the Night Live Vision project, we were able to offer an eight-hour all-round first aid workshop for people working in small venues in cooperation with the Maltesers. The participants learned how to give professional first aid to injured people and, in the worst case, how to save lives.

The workshop also included specific information on how to deal with substance abuse and how to rescue people who have overdosed.

This is very important knowledge and also strengthens the ability to help in dangerous situations. The participants received an official certificate for their participation.


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